After “Sobagate”: Michael “can’t sleep well” at night

After "Sobagate": Michael "can't sleep well" at night

Following massive criticism of the “Sopagate”, EU Council President Charles Michel regretted his conduct during a meeting of EU leaders with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday. “If it’s possible, I’ll go back and fix it,” Michael told several European business media, including Italian. Only 24 ore And German Handlesplot.

“I assure you that I have not slept well at night since this incident and that the image has changed in my head dozens of times. I will accept my role in the responsibility,” the EU President told the crowd. Ursula van der Leyon, the head of the European Commission, reluctantly stared at the cameras in the armchair next to Erdogan at the Turkish presidential palace. Van der Leyne had no armchair available, so she had to sit on a sofa a short distance from Erdogan and Michael.

“I had a few seconds to decide which position to take. I had the impression that a reaction to the long diplomatic missions before our arrival would have been called into question. Also, I did not want to follow a patriarchal approach towards Mrs. Van der. Lyon”, so Michael now. However, he respects other opinions and understands the criticism of his behavior, so does Michael. “I’m so sorry. I have already expressed my condolences to Van der Lion and all the women.”

There was little left over in the content of the meeting

Unfortunately, this incident contributed to the loss of the substance of the meeting with President Erdogan, who regretted the EU Council President. “In recent months, we are genuinely concerned about the tensions in the Mediterranean, and we fear that we are on the brink of a catastrophic event. The purpose of the visit to Ankara is to resume a positive dialogue with Turkey. Said Michael.

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Michael did not want to pick on the words of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who described Erdogan as a “dictator”, but stressed that the EU expects “progress on human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

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