Tristan Thomspon semble être au centre de rumeurs erronées à Boston.

Tristan Thompson fires journalist for spreading fake news

There is no need to be easily at ease in Boston, and now Tristan Thompson finds himself in turmoil again. Following the unsubstantiated allegations made by some journalists, the Interior decided to respond as clearly as possible. Be careful, it will irritate the ears.

Tristan Thompson, who came to the free agency from Cleveland, did not expect such a subtle campaign. Contrary to statistical exaggeration (8 points and 7 rebounds per game), TT gets more talk from the pitch. At the same time, Boston suffers at the Eastern Conference (26-26, 7th). The imaginary scenario for the fall of 2020 is not clear.

On top of that, the Canadian must now fight the rumors that are troubling him. During the podcast, Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor The Ringer He thus addressed the present situation of the Celtics, and Thompson’s name especially fell there. Although the first named journalist lasted the extra game career of the former Caves, the second had the opportunity to launch the following information:

I heard that Thompson did not like the locker room for a number of reasons.

Particularly bizarre comments, O’Connor did not cite evidence to support his arguments. Suffice it to say that this exit is no longer inside, and that being slandered in this way is utterly annoying. He asked CNLS Media, TT gave a blunt answer, which looks like a real room in the face of the American journalist:

This guy, Kevin O’Connor – I don’t know if I should mention his name because he deserves my attention, but I remember every name because I look like an elephant. So when he said I didn’t like the locker room, it was fun because I didn’t. This guy wanted to create a buzz. Kevin O’Connor, I welcome you for using my name. It has made you extra visits and retweets.

It’s hard to be clear. Thompson takes the opportunity to recall that both Kemba Walker and Jaylan Brown denied the rumor. This statement from the press The Ringer So it sounds like more and more poison. Good news for C, who already has a season that is complicated enough to manage.

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Seemingly unjustly attacked by the American media, Tristan Thompson defends himself as best he can. The Canadian can at least trust his teammates to support him. Nevertheless, this is a dark new chapter in the Celtics season.

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