Winter cold and severe frosts: Numerous logs in the Middle East and Southeast

Winter cold and severe frosts: Numerous logs in the Middle East and Southeast

Issued by Cyril DuchessMeteorologist

Although summer is set in several months early last week with broken heat records, winter is reminiscent of this week under the influence of the powerful descent of polar winds. Monthly cold records were broken even on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Why such severe frosts this week?

Severe frosts in most parts of the country at the end of the night and early in the morning are the result of three main factors:

– An Arctic-looking spacecraft arrived in northern France on Monday afternoon and evening and occupied the southern part of the country on Tuesday.

– Nights with frequent clear skies, combined with the combination of dry air behind the cold front of the hassle.

– A northerly wind weakens at night and allows cold air to accumulate in the lower layers of the atmosphere.

Cold logs were broken at 10% of weather stations on Tuesday morning

About sixty cold logs were broken at dawn on April 6 at all 591 stations of the Motto-France surveillance network. Here are the most important monthly cold posts:

– Beauvas (60): -6.9 C April 2017 -5.4 ° C

– Satellite (28): -6.3 ° C, dropping to -6 ° C in 1978

– Orleans (45): -5.4 C, dropping to -4.5 C in 1938

-Pitviers (45): -5 ° C beat -3.8 C of 1986

– Avron (53): -5 C beat -4.1 ° C in 2006

– Salon-sur-Sane (71): -4.9 C beat -4.4 ° C in 2003

– Evrex (27): -4.2 C, dropping to -4 C in 1975

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New monthly cold records have been broken this Wednesday morning

This Wednesday morning, much of the country was affected by polar winds. Thus the snowfall reached the southwestern parts. In the southeast, areas affected by the Mistral and North winds escape from negative temperatures because the wind prevents cold air from stagnating near the ground. On the other hand, the foothills or wind-dependent fields are affected by frost.

Here are some of the coolest posts I’ve seen this Wednesday morning:

Saint-Private (19): -8,6. C

Saint-Martin-to-Mont (21): -5.6. C

Bekar (40): -5.6. C

Salon-sur-Sane: -5.4. C

Nexon (87): -5,2. C

Gordon (46): -4.8. C

Dell (39): – 4,2. C.

Brigwebeck (50): -3,3. C

Ventes Mandalivet: -3,2. C

Fines (35): -2,8. C.

Ortes (64): -2.4. C

Sealans (83): -1,4. C.

Thursday morning, fresh frosts, sometimes severe, but it will be a very cold morning as the temperature rises sharply on Friday.

Several monthly cold logs hit the Southeast and Middle East this Thursday morning

This Thursday morning, the country’s mid-east and southeast have the highest monthly cold records. In fact, the night in these regions was particularly clear and due to the lack of air, it preferred radiation and heat reversals. So frosts are especially severe in the plains and in the usual “cold holes”.

Here are some monthly posts from this Thursday morning:

Dickness (73): -15,9. C.

Barcelona (04): -11.4. C.

St. Crystal (84): -9.9. C

Millaw-Larzak (12): -8. C

Saint-Etienne (42): -7.4. C

Challenges – La Charlotte (74): -6.7. C

Montglass (30): -5,5. C.

Cistern (04): -5.2. C.

McCann (71): -4,4. C

Salon-de-Provence (13): -4.3. C.

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Avignon (84): -4.2. C

Forms-less-mimosas (83): -4. C

Abogne (13): -3.7. C

Orange (84): -3.2. C.

Nomes – Crohn’s (30): -0.7. C.

Significant damage to fruit trees and vines

The cold in early April is no exception, Which occurs after recordings of heat (3 days with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius last week) causing a problem. The plants have started quickly and most of the fruit trees are in flowering stage and they are especially vulnerable to spring frosts.

Here are the frost-sensitive gates of some flowering fruit trees (according to a study by the Institute of Agricultural Technology on frost and hail). :

– Cherry Tree: -1.7. C.

– Plum tree: -2. C.

– Pear tree: -2. C.

– Apple Tree: -2. C.

– Apricot tree: -2.2. C.

– Fish: -2.2. C.

This Wednesday morning, a wine grower from Charande pointed out the damage to these vineyards.

Frozen young beet in the fields of the Paris Basin

Beet trees in the Paris Basin and in the center are in a climate catastrophic situation. Young beets sown in March and emerging from the ground after last week’s heat did not withstand severe frosts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

What are the methods to combat frost?

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Do not hesitate in your garden To protect Most frost plants, shrubs or crops by covering plastic sheet, winter cover or crops located at ground level with mulch.

L ‘Water spraying or spraying Frost damage can be prevented at very low flow rates because air saturated with moisture releases heat, so the temperature drop is minimal. A frost layer may form on the surface of the plant, but the plant maintains a positive temperature.

The Heater : Wine growers make great use of the heating system placed between the vines. These maintain a layer of soft air near the ground and keep the temperature above 0 C.

The Air circulation The use of blowers or wind turbines controls the temperature drop by avoiding the accumulation of cold air near the ground.

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