China, U.S. “Politicize sports” in Olympic boycott

China, U.S.  "Politicize sports" in Olympic boycott
Chinese President Xi Jinping encourages officials to visit Beijing Winter Olympic Stadium (Bide Capture) © News 1

China has been at the forefront of comments about the US boycotting the ‘Beijing Winter Olympics’. The United States has taken a step back and sought to clarify, but China has not hidden its dissatisfaction, saying the United States has politicized the game.

When asked about the boycott of the Beijing Olympics at a regular conference on the 7th by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Zhen, a US State Department spokesman made it clear that Beijing already has no intention of stopping the Olympics.

“Zhao said the ‘genocide’ claim in Xinjiang was a complete century-old lie.” If the US ignores the truth and deliberately attacks China with lies, it will surely fail. Not only China but China “will be affected by US debt and profits.”

“The politicization of sports is against the spirit of the Olympics and will be detrimental to the athletes and the business of each country,” Zhao said. “The United States, including the Olympic organizing committee, opposes the claim that the Olympics can be ignored. The international community will not accept it,” he said.

Earlier on the 6th, US State Department spokesman Netflix said at a conference that he would discuss with allies the issue of non-participation in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on human rights issues in Xinjiang.

After the conference, confusion over the progress of the boycott made it clear that prices had not yet entered into negotiations on boycott measures. He explained that the United States was taking an integrated approach rather than specifically discussing joint boycotts with allies.

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In this regard, the Hong Kong South China Morning Post (SCMP) Citizenship Citizen for US-China Relations Chen Carnegie-Tsinghua quoted the Global Policy Center as saying that it would be brought.

Professor Chen said, “The United States should consider the situation of its allies, especially Japan.” “But (the United States) will not give up the advantage of attacking China by boycotting the Olympics, which risks having high diplomacy.”

In this regard, Japanese Foreign Secretary Kato Katsunobu told a news conference the other day, “I know the United States has such an opinion, not that there is no such relationship between the United States and Japan,” the NHK said in a joint response to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Yasuhiro Yamashita, chairman of the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC), said he wanted to see the situation and that Japan’s plans to participate in the Olympics would not change.

The US Olympic and Paralympic Games Committee (USOBC) also opposes the boycott, saying the absence of the Beijing Olympics meant that athletes were being used as `political hostages’.

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