2021 Release of the US Africa Energy Forum

Organized by Africa Oil & Power in association with the US-Africa Committee on the African Chamber of Energy, the US-Africa Energy 2021 Forum will promote alignment between US and African governments’ energy policies and highlight projects for oil and gas Africans. , Electricity and renewable energy across the energy value chain for US investors; This multi-day forum encourages discussions involving US and African policymakers, energy executives and business leaders to build new connections and implement long-term policy formulation and plans; The two-day summit and exhibition dinner will be held live in Houston, DX (October 4-5, 2021), and the online seminar and face-to-face networking event will be held in Washington DC (July 12). .

Africa Oil & Power (AOP) and the African Energy Chamber are pleased to announce the launch of the first US-Africa Energy Forum (USAEF). The purpose of the event is to build deeper cooperation between the United States and Africa on energy policy, to achieve alignment with the goals of long-term sustainability, and to stimulate and engage more U.S. investment in the oil, gas and electricity sectors in Africa. The United States is the primary partner in the selection for African energy developments.

Under the theme “New Horizons for US Investment in the Energy Sector in Africa”, the forum will explore various foreign investment and export opportunities on the continent, which will be the main fuel for the conversion of natural gas. Minerals for energy, energy storage and batteries, Africa’s place in global energy supply chains, the benefits of the African continental free trade area, the evolution of energy technologies and their future contribution to petroleum resources, as well as on – grid and off – grid energy improvements.

October 21-5, 2021 in Houston, D.X. An online seminar and face-to-face networking event will be held in Washington DC on July 12, 2021, ahead of the USAEF Summit and Exhibition Banquet to be held in. The African Energy Room invites all US-based companies interested in engaging with African business leaders and project developers to attend the USAEF Summit in Africa Oil & Power and Houston.

This initiative comes at a crucial time in US-African relations. The Biden administration announced its intention to quickly build a strong federation between the United States and Africa, in line with the growing interest in African projects from businesses and companies around the world. US debt. The purpose of the USAEF event is to allow a dialogue between its participants to advance these developments.

“Our aim is to harness the resource capabilities that Africa has to offer while showing a growing interest in sustainable energy policies and technologies. For that, we believe it is clear that Africa does not just want investment capital: it wants smart capital and partnerships with investors,” said James, senior director of Africa Oil and Energy. Says Chester. ” The U.S. Africa Energy Forum first reflects technology, political support, capital injection and capacity building – the opportunity to promote US contribution to Africa’s energy transformation and shift a new page in the chapter on global energy investments. ”

Together with the US-Africa Committee on the African Energy Chamber, AOP will provide African business opportunities to American companies and launch a sustainable and long-term investment plan in the energy and energy sector. Other Departments in Africa by US Organizations.

“Growing U.S. support for the continent is a credit to Africa, which is increasingly seen in the United States as a preferred destination for global investors, multidisciplinary organizations and credit bureaus,” said Kearney, head of Africa and Jude Kearney, former secretary of service for businesses and finance in the U.S. business sector during the Clinton administration. . “Africa continues to play a significant role in global foreign direct investment in the oil and gas sector. It shows that for decades, investment in these sectors has been beneficial to other jurisdictions and in many ways. As Africa and other parts of the world fight the global epidemic, the African energy sector is resilient and resilient. – Not only in the hydrocarbons sector, but also in mining, liquefied natural gas and agriculture in terms of new opportunities. ”

African governments and private sector supporters of African energy projects greatly appreciate the combination of investment and partnership that American investors despise. The USAF seeks to develop effective partnerships between its participants so that it can achieve the energy development goals of US investors and strategic partners and their African counterparts.

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