Two new tankers stranded on the Suez Canal-Jigsaw

Two new tankers stranded on the Suez Canal-Jigsaw


On April 6, 2021, two tankers were reported stranded in the Suez Canal in Egypt. In the Suez Canal, the container ship “Ever Given” ran aground on March 23, 2021, causing an accident that blocked the flow of ships for the next 6 days, but this time the two ships that sailed are usually back to service, he said.

GAC – Landed tankers modified and resumed traffic (updated)–media/hot-port-news/ballast-tankers-grounded/

Ramford Two Framex Tankers Run In Suez Canal – Fleetmann Maritime News

News site “GACTwo tankers heading north on the Suez Canal were reported to have run off at 6:10 a.m. Japanese time on April 6. GAC did not specify the name of the tanker, but a site that tracks the ship’s status in real time. “FleetmanThe first trapped oil tanker was an Italian-deadly oil tanker.RumfordThe second Greek registered oil tanker.Minerva Nike“.

According to Fleetman, the Suez Canal has a grounding pointLarge bitter lakeIt is said to be about 20 km north of the place where Evergreen ran south.

After suffering, RUMFORDSuez Canal AuthorityThe duckboard was used to carry out refining tasks, and after about 3 hours it returned to normal operation. In addition, the GAC reports that the Minerva Nike was successful in clearing rocks in about 4 hours and was towed by a duckboat.

Regarding the Evergreen accident on the Suez Canal, experts say it was “stuck in a very complicated way” and blocked traffic for about six days.

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Suez Canal – Experts explain the full story of the container shipwreck in Jigsaw

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Suez Canal – Experts explain the full story of the container shipwreck in Jigsaw

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