Authorities declare French woman dead, they have been trying to convince them otherwise for three years – 24T24 – Czech TV

Authorities declare French woman dead, they have been trying to convince them otherwise for three years - 24T24 - Czech TV

The 58-year-old woman is said to have died three years ago from authorities at a home near Lyon. “The court clerks came and told me about the dead Jean Pouch. Those documents were sent to my husband Pierre-Jean, who was described as a widow, and to my son Hugo, who was referred to as an orphan,” Pouchin recalled.

At first she thought it was a joke. However, the court declared that the former employee of his company was actually dead as he had not been awarded nearly 370 thousand crowns as compensation for the loss of profits. The case dates back to 2004, but the tribunal never recovered the amount due. The call came thirteen years later, when authorities recorded his death.

“After my death, I realized that the heirs were a husband and a son and that they had to pay me an amount that seemed astronomical,” he says. Since then, her life has become a nightmare. They are afraid to buy, drive a car or go out. Her lawyer had to set her up with a fake credit card. The bank also considers him dead.

“When someone sounds, I hide because I’m afraid of what other bad news will come,” Pacchin describes his difficult situation.

But a turning point in the case is now on the horizon. The lawyer who began the trial took the case back to Lyon Court. “This decision is completely false and what is said in it is obviously false,” says his lawyer Sylvain Gormier.

Surprisingly, Pachain is not the only one who has recently experienced something similar. Even Judy Kessner, 70, of Oregon, found out she was not alive when she applied for a loan from her bank last year. She took the situation with humor, and when she handled it, she made it clear to the whole neighborhood that she was actually still alive.

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