This abandoned subway station in New York is the perfect shooting location

This abandoned subway station in New York is the perfect shooting location

Abandoned for nearly twenty years, Bowery Station is enjoying a second life. Located on the corner of Bowery and Kenmare streets, the station has become an underground studio for film crews who want to recreate a true New York City subway scene.

It all started in 2016, when location manager Sam Hutchins was looking for a metro station to shoot the film. Ninja Turtles2. He approached Ruthie Jones, director of the Film and Special Events Division of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MDA), who introduced him to this secret location. “We were in front of an empty station and we said to ourselves: ‘Oh, my God, this is crazy’, Says Sam Hutchins. “She was OK. It’s like a time capsule. This is New York from the 1980s. ”

First, “Dozens of products are filmed here every year.”, indique Ruthie Jones au New York Post. The serial killer and stalker Joe, played by Ben Patley, is where he saves the young woman Beck, whom he oversees, drunk on the railroad tracks in the winning Netflix series. You. Other series like Orange fresh black, Mr. Robot Or many such images Mr. L’Extraordinaire. Rogers With Tom Hanks, Isn’t it romantic And If you can talk Peel Street They also accepted this outfit.

Prohibited to the general public

Bowery Station is a popular destination for stylists. In September 2019, designer Tom Ford organized a parade there, turning the stage into a stage. Before him, Valentino Naomi Campbell was photographed wearing a green dress, In the same spot for its fall 2019 campaign.

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With Metro running on the other side of the station, this particular site of the station was taken out of service in 2004 during a construction project. So this station is closed to the public. However, one song still stands, which allows trains to run for filming, the American Daily notes. “Bowery offers uniqueness to products, Ruthie Jones. They don’t have to worry about hurting customers or leaking paparazzi photos. It’s like a closed picture gallery. ”

Directors are completely free to change the station to suit their artistic ideas or a particular era. For example, for the movie If you can talk Peel Street, The columns were painted in different colors to give them the appearance of separate stations. But with each change, it’s the products and the products that pay for the labor, so the MDA modifies and then restores the station to its original state, at the end of the shoot.

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