Internet users shocked by Captain America in the 1st episode of The Balkans and Winter Soldier

Internet users shocked by Captain America in the 1st episode of The Balkans and Winter Soldier

Balkan and Winter Soldier Series Marvel Surely Disney + Who has the heavy task to succeed Vandavision. The first episode will be available on the American entertainment company Streaming Service from March 19. The first episode, which was well received, if not at one point: the new head Captain America Not everyone is happy …

Obviously, this article spoils the first chapter Balkan and Winter Soldier. We advise you to go check it out and then come back to read this article to understand everything.

/! Spoiler /!

The Balkans and the Winter Soldier: A Tense First Chapter

Six months after Steve Rogers, Age 112, Captain left the place called America In Handed over his shield to the Balkans, Sam Wilson, The latter is not yet ready to accept the role. Despite the pressure of his comrade James Rhodes, The Balkans decide to return the shield to the government They show up in one Smithsonian.

It really is In the last scene We learn it The US government has decided to give a star shield to a new person, Ignores Sam Wilson’s claims. We see a new character in the costume, Actor Chris Evans is so different from what we are accustomed to! First The latter is now played by Wyatt Russell. The latter has a much more square face than its predecessors.

Difficult difference

Like the Balkans, There is something shocking about this new design And this is no less for the internet users who have created the fat of this new actor. For some, The square head of Ruxel is reminiscent of Carl, the grandfather of the Pixar animated film Up there (Above!). For others, it may bePrime Minister Jean Costex hiding under the dress, In order to announce a new control.

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Anyway, This restoration will not leave anyone indifferent! It is obvious‘This is not the real new Captain America, but another super-soldier, the American agent. The thought bias between Chris Evans in his costume, and who appears to be the American agent at the end of the episode is so bad, so bad that he makes laughter in the best possible way. Viet Russell as America’s Most Beautiful Butt.

When we look at the Balkans and the Winter Soldier we all say: “They’re reconsidering Captain America”

Balkan and Winter Soldier Spoilers: Who is this guy?

Well known character

Many fell for this new character, to the point of creating un #notmycap In controversy. Still, American Agent is a recurring character in the Marvel Universe. Originally created under the name Super-patriot in 1986 In the comic book Captain America # 323. Quickly, it will be redefined American Agent as the new incarnation of Captain America.

Like its opponent, the U.S. agent was subjected Power Broker. Its main qualities are immense strength, increased endurance, agility and inhuman reflexes. He The captain trained wisely, His fighting style and shield manipulation. Apparently, all of this has not yet been revealed Balkan and Winter Soldier. We look forward to seeing how this secondary character fits Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although we suspect he will not last long against Sam Wilson …

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