One more step towards the NFL for Benjamin Saint-Joste after “Pro Day”

One more step towards the NFL for Benjamin Saint-Joste after "Pro Day"

Quebec Benjamin Saint-Joste on Thursday played in the NFL on Pro Day, an important assessment day.

The imposed Cornback, which weighs 1.91m and 202 pounds, is already due to be selected at the University of Minnesota, in the third or fourth round, on the second day of the draft.

After performing well in January during the Senior Cup, the former Chekhov du Viex Montreal completed a 40-yard distance in 4.5 seconds, three cone tests in 6.63 seconds, lateral movements in 3.96 seconds, a vertical jump of 34.5 “and a standing 9’11 long jump”.

St. Juste was very happy with the results he got when he took to social media following his performance.

His teammate Rashod Batman, a recipient, was under first scrutiny today, under scrutiny by each team’s scouts.

He also played for the University of Michigan from 2017 to 2019 before moving to St. Justin’s Minnesota.

The 2021 draft will take place in Cleveland from April 29 to May 1.

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