LeBron James and his mother at the center of Walmart's recent campaign

LeBron James and his mother at the center of Walmart’s recent campaign

This is not usual, this article does not talk about an athlete, but about the mother of an athlete. In fact, Gloria James, known as the mother of NBA superstar LeBron James, has been at the center of Walmart’s recent campaign as part of its annual campaign, which specializes in mass distribution. Fight hunger. Spark change (In French: “Fight Hunger, Start Change”).

The campaign, launched by 60 Seconds of Business, aired on the show from April 5 to today, and marks the 8th year of Walmart’s campaign against hunger, in collaboration with non – profit organizations. Feeding to the United States“According to US company contact figures, the campaign has already been able to distribute 1 billion meals to food banks across the country.

“I remember many times when my son and I left stocks to feed us. We were lucky to have the help of our friends, family and community.” Gloria James said at the scene. The voiceover rests for years in the films of Gloria and LeBron, especially in Akron, Ohio, where the four-time NBA champion spent his childhood. “These photos brought back many memories and, in the midst of it all, helped to explain how my son grew up and the impact of society on helping him become human today.”

“When we feed our communities, we feed more than hunger. We feed dreams. ”, Which can be translated into French “When we feed our communities, we do more than just beat hunger, we create dreams.”


This video follows a 15 – second short video posted on the brand’s YouTube channel, 60 seconds before we discovered the Los Angeles Lakers Superstar initiative:

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A spokesman for Walmart’s marketing team said the brand wants to take a different approach this year after 2020. Instead of highlighting the problem of hunger in our country and providing solutions to combat this problem, Walmart thus seeks to make consumers understand the importance of supporting a project.

The campaign will be online until May 3, and will feature speeches on national television, audio streaming sites, local radio and the brand’s social media, not to mention store visibility and Walmart sites. In addition, Walmart has confirmed that its 24 suppliers will launch a campaign in their own media to warn consumers. “Their purchases will help consumers across the country fight hunger.”

This new location is the latest attempt at a multi-year partnership between Walmart and the basketball star. Previously, Walmart and LeBron James supported the initiative. ” The heart of surprise With the support of the LeBron James Family Foundation, I Promise School, a public school in Akron, aims to provide school supplies to students.

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