Hollywood actor Mark Wallberg is producing the new film “Hope to Serve the Lord”

Hollywood actor Mark Wallberg is producing the new film "Hope to Serve the Lord"

Actor and producer Mark Wallberg, who is particularly popular for his roles in The Departed, Transformers and The Very Bad Dots, will begin production in Los Angeles in mid-April under the name of his new faith-based film Stu.

LA star who openly testified to his faith in an interview Catholic Herald en 2012Has been growing over the years, explaining, “Being a Catholic is the most important aspect of my life.” This biography It is inspired The true story of Father Stuart Long, an athletic priest. As Wallberg explains:

“Stuart Long was a pretty tough guy, a fighter, an American footballer … not a weirdo. After falling in love with a young woman, he called and decided he wanted to become a priest. He suffered from a bad degenerative muscle disease, but still as a priest. Was appointed and then left us. “

Wallberg will star alongside Melp Gibson in the film And has chosen to hand over the production to young screenwriter Rosalind Rose, who will sign on to his first film.

While this new product based on faith confirms the trend seen in Hollywood over the years with the appearance of many films of Christian inspiration, it is true that Hollywood has shown no mercy to Christian actors, and films based on faith are rarely worn by celebrities.

Also, let’s pray for this Hope movie, Courage and redemption Can touch many hearts and win in America. Hope he can come out to the movies In France, thanks for the SAJE distribution. Community SAJE Distribution, Distributors of Christian-inspired films in France, you can find many of their films on their streaming platform lefilmchretien, He told us he would like to contact Mark Wallberg about his film. To be continued.

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