Long live and die ”, died at the age of 81

Long live and die ”, died at the age of 81

In it, Yabet Cotto confronts Roger Moore, who debuted as Agent 007. The black actor has played not only the corrupt Caribbean dictator Kananga, but also his paranoid alternative Ego Mr. Big.

In 1979 he played a major role in the science fiction classic “Alien”. Engineer Dennis Parker. In 1987, he co-starred with William Laughlin in the future thriller “The Running Man” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yabet Gotto has also appeared in a lot of TV series. His main character was Al Giardello in the NBC hit series “Homicide” (1993-1999). The actor spent a lot of time on stage in the theater, especially at the beginning of his career in New York. He made his debut at the age of 19 with Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’.

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