American Pie 5 has a storyline and teases Tara Reid

American pie Star Tara Reid teased the fifth sequel to the most popular teenage comedy rights, confirming it was a screenplay American Pie5 it’s ready. Although Spinoff Spinofs has been around since its original 1999, it has been almost a decade since the audience was last caught. American pie Gang. However, according to Reid, fans don’t have to wait long.

“It could happen … well, I can not say when, because I do not know when, because we need to get all the players together, and at the same time get our tables together. There’s a script released. I just keep it that way.”

Tara Reid, Who played the role of Vicky, throughout the series, seems a bit optimistic American Pie5 In its future, as well as with moviegoers, the logistics for bringing actors together are causing delays.

Actress and Sharkanado The star said that was the script for it American Pie5 Before emphasizing that the whole series is “one of the best”, “I do not know when it will happen”.

As for the class of 99 reunions for the fifth series, Reed added that they are still in touch after this time, “We are all connected in different ways. When you grow up with someone and get your first section with someone, you will never forget it. It would only be good news to know that all of the actors are in touch after so long American pie Stay away from opportunities.

This is not the first time in 2018 that Reid has teased a potential follow-up, saying he “met the directors”. [Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg] At an Emmy party recently I said, ‘Let’s do the fifth film, the owner needs another film. To which they replied, “It will happen!” Let’s do another one! “Coming back would be amazing.” Reid later affirmed the legacy and popularity of the franchise, “American by American by. Movies were part of American culture, which is a classic. He is known all over the world. I am very excited. This will be a great year for me with the introduction of zirconado and the chance to film another American pie in 2018. “

Originally directed and co-produced by Paul Waits from a screenplay written by Adam Hers American pie Jason Pix, Chris Klein, Alison Hannigan, Natasha Leone, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Mena Suarez, Eddie K. Thomas, Sean William Scott and Eugene Levy co-star with Tara Reid. The plot revolves around five best friends, Jim, Kevin, Oz, Pinch and Stiffler, who frequently visit East Great Falls High. In an attempt to end their dissatisfaction with the girls, the four friends try all the tricks in the book to make sure they don’t miss out on their high school diploma.

American pie It was a huge box office success, producing three live series American Pie 2, American wedding, And American meeting, As well as five derivative images directly on DVD. Are you ready to go for silly, sexual freaks? American pie The mob? This is thanks to ET Online.

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