Hannibal is 20 years old! Do you know the alternative results of Ridley Scott’s film? – cinema News

Hannibal is 20 years old!  Do you know the alternative results of Ridley Scott's film?  - cinema News

The Loved One suffers in comparison to the extraordinary “Silence of the Lamps”, whose sequel “Hannibal”, though orchestrated by Ridley Scott, lacks qualities. By the way, do you know the 3 results of the film celebrating its 20th anniversary?

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20 years ago, on February 28, 2001, The Silence of the Lamps series Hannibal appeared on our screens, this time planned by Ridley Scott, who came after Jonathan Dem. Carried by the sometimes interesting stage and some shocking scenes, the sequel was inevitably affected compared to its famous model which was released ten years ago. Jodi Foster has not resumed her role, not to mention Julianne Moore has left her place.

However, the sequel to the most famous cannibalistic (mis) adventures of the 7th art attracted less than 2.57 million viewers in France. This is the filmmaker’s 4th biggest success, behind his masterpiece Alien and its 2.8 million viewers. But behind the 4.73 million eager and curious who went to see Gladiator. Hannibal reported $ 351.6 million to the world box office, including $ 165 million in the United States. A score that is not valuable, especially when compared to 7 187 million Gladiator On U.S. territory a year ago.

Of the three results, only one is good

No less than three different results for the film. In the theatrical version of the film, Clarice Starling places handcuffs on Hannibal Lecter’s wrist, who chooses to cut his hand with a sapper to escape. At the alternative end, Lecter always drops Clarice’s ponytail in the fridge and kisses her for a long time, running his tongue over the lips of someone he admires … Without catching the line on the plane, then we see Lecter quietly escaping into a street, into a van, deep and in good Machiavellian spirit, He had already planned everything.

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That’s when we see the line of the plane with the little guy who really wants to taste a part of the brain. Hannibal asks him if his mother has ever warned against strangers, before saying that it is not really necessary; It is a sleep. Lecter then begins to feed the boy … a line finally not far from the one we know; Ridley Scott Declared about him that he intended to show the boy’s identity corruption.


There is a 3rd alternative result, Scott is not mentioned in the audio commentary on the film, but Clarice and Lecter, handcuffed, find themselves in a boat on the lake adjacent to the house. Lecter throws himself into the water, not wanting to catch Clarice alive as she drowns. She frees herself to the key of the handcuffs she had hidden … in her mouth. Submerged in water, Lecter could not be found. With Scott’s own consent, it was too late “James Bondesk”.

Below is an excerpt from the alternative decision:

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