Kylie Jenner’s makeup company warns online customers of data breach

Kylie Jenner's makeup company warns online customers of data breach

Customers who buy Kylie cosmetics on the e-commerce platform have been warned of security breaches, prompting law enforcement agencies to investigate.

Kylie JennerCosmetics Company – The company that manages its e-commerce site is among the victims of security breaches with Shopify.

Reality Star’s makeup system is loved by fans worldwide for its products, including its iconic lip kits, but customers have recently received a dangerous email explaining the names, addresses, emails, product orders and the last four digits of the “security incident” victim. Credit card for vulnerable customers.

According to Shopify sources, less than 200 companies have been affected by the breach, which is the result of a pair of rogue support team members being involved in a “scheme to obtain customer transaction records of certain merchants”.

TMJet said it had immediately shut down access to its network of criminals and is now working with law enforcement agencies, including the FBI – to investigate these crimes.

However, customers are assured that full payment details are not compromised, and any orders placed on Kylie Cosmetic site will be safe and secure.

Kylie Jenner began selling beauty products in 2015 under her own brand with previously known Kylie lip kits. He has since expanded the company to launch other skin care products. In November 2019, he sold the controlling stake for $ 600 million.

That same year, Kylie was named the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes, with a net worth of $ 1 billion. However, a year later, Forbes canceled the title, and the reality TV star falsified tax documents to make himself appear to be a millionaire.

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