Aquaman 2: Patrick Wilson teases a much better sequel than the first film

Aquaman 2: Patrick Wilson teases a much better sequel than the first film

ShootingAquaman2 Jason Momova recently confirmed the release date and revealed some crisp news about its sequel. However, he is not the only one making fun of the DC blockbuster Patrick Wilson, Arm, the translator of Arthur Curry’s strong brother, used an interview Entertainment tonight Tell us more about the movie directed by James Vaughan. We can say that the comedian will appear soon The Conjuring3 There were the right words to rekindle our curiosity! When James Vaughan expressed his excitement at the thought of working with him again, Patrick Wilson teased a sequel “Bigger, wider and better.”

Aquaman face à Orm.
Facing Aquaman Arm. – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

“James [Wan] The income for a continuum, things will be bigger, wider and better. It’s fun, more action, more writing work. This is a lot of fun. ” a The American actor announced that he would start filming a month after the launch. The combination of these genres will definitely attract fans of the director, especially since the latter teased horror scenes several months ago. So you understand, Aquaman2 Overcoming the previous section, the teams double their efforts to deliver a second promising chapter. Hope we can find out more by the time the scenes start!

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