In the United States, undocumented refugees deported to churches

In the United States, undocumented refugees deported to churches

The tightening of immigration policy under President Donald Trump has led to dozens of undocumented workers seeking refuge in churches. Joe Biden’s signing of a ban on deportation in January promised some, but others still did not have the courage to seek asylum.

They sought refuge in churches after being threatened with deportation by Donald Trump. Since 2017, at least 70 undocumented immigrants have sought refuge in places of worship to escape the former US president’s immigration policy. Four years later, “After Joe Biden’s election, many are expected to return to their families,” he said. Tell me Washington Post.

A few days after taking office, the Republican president actually signed the decree, which prohibits any expulsion process until a hundred days in advance. But on Jan. 26, a federal judge in Texas blocked the move indefinitely, raising fears that those in an irregular situation would be targeted again for deportation. About twenty of them did not dare to leave the rest.

Relief from running

Jose Chicas lived for almost four years in a church in Rollet, North Carolina, separated from his wife and son.. “Trump M ‘


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