CNN: Russia is increasing its presence in the Arctic and testing “supervisions”. Photo & Video | Peace

CNN: Russia is increasing its presence in the Arctic and testing "supervisions".  Photo & Video |  Peace

Russia is increasing the number of its military bases, and is testing a “supervision” in the Arctic – the robot torpedo with a nuclear reactor.

Writes about it CNN… Publication clarifies that the Poseidon 2M39 is aimed at destroying coastal infrastructure and cities (Scroll to the end of the page to view photos and videos).

Location of Russian sites in 2015.

According to weapons experts, the torpedo robot is very real and may already be in service with the Russian army.

Location of RF sites after 2020.

Satellite images also show that the Kremlin, where MiG-31pm aircraft and new radar systems are located, has significantly increased the number of military bases on its north coast.

Satellite images in 2014.
Satellite images after 2020.

Publication sources point out that such actions are important for the United States and its allies because they create the opportunity to “plan power for the North Atlantic.”

Moreover, the Americans fear that the Kremlin wants to seize control of the Arctic in this way.

The strategic positions of the Russian Federation decades ago.
Now the strategic positions of the Russian Federation.

“Russia is modernizing Soviet – era airports and radar installations, creating new ports and search and rescue centers, and building a fleet of its nuclear and conventional avalanches,” said Pentagon spokesman Thomas Campbell.

As announced OBOZREVATEL, A US military command in Europe is preparing for an immediate crisis from a possible crisis in response to the withdrawal of additional Russian troops from the border with Ukraine.

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