Carbon emissions and global warming – what’s the connection … what should we do? | Why carbon emission is always connected with global warming?

Effects of global warming!

Due to global warming, the average temperature of the Earth has now risen by 1.6 degrees Celsius. Thus the ice is melting faster. This causes the sea level to rise by 3.2 mm per year. Glaciers play an important role in reflecting heat from the sun into the atmosphere. As the ice melts, heat is absorbed into the ground, making the earth even warmer. Many species will be affected by global warming. Not all animals can survive in all conditions. Animals living in colder regions may not be able to withstand this new change and may even become extinct.

Many animals are already migrating in search of warmer climates. Climate change caused by global warming will cause excessively heavy rainfall in some parts of the earth. In some places there will be severe drought with no drizzle. Thus, food shortages occur without crops thriving. Of these, the most vulnerable are the unknown animals.

Scientists predict that sea levels will rise by 26 to 82 cm in the next 100 years if the Earth continues to warm at the same level. Storms and hurricanes will intensify. Water scarcity is our future. Animals that cannot adapt to rising temperatures are on the verge of extinction.

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