Planet Venus: Surprising revelation, you do not think what you think

Planeta Venus temperatura suprafata

Planet Venus surface temperature

Planet Venus It is the second farthest from the sun, and is currently the closest thing to Earth to everything in the solar system, and there is much unknown about it. One of them has nothing to do with the temperature recorded on the surface of the planet Venus because scientists have found that the temperature is 462 degrees Celsius, which is 10 times higher than the average on Earth.

Planet Venus It is the hottest, surface in everything in the solar system, and although it is farther away from the sun than Mercury, on average, it is relatively cooler. The difference is only 30 degrees in favor of the whole Venus, because it has an atmosphere that, unlike Mercury, is nothing, and the night surface temperature reaches minus 180 degrees Celsius, the differences are incredible.

Venus: A wonderful revelation you never thought possible

Planet Venus Therefore, it is warmer than Mercury thanks to its atmosphere, which retains heat without scattering in the universe, and this means that even the nights are not cold. The differences between the two planets are so great that if Mercury had an atmosphere, its surface temperature would have been much higher than that recorded on Venus, but even then, the study would not have been possible for both.

Planet Venus It has a hot surface where no spacecraft sent by space agencies lasted more than a few hours, as it did a few decades ago. What happened on the surface of Venus is no different from what happens on Mercury, because not even a robot sent to explore the surface would resist, especially as the temperature changes so drastically.

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Planet Venus This is one of the mysteries including the existence of life, and the very high temperature on the surface is one of the unique things about it.

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