The hacker website has data from 500 million Facebook users


There were details of more than 500 million Facebook users Available on the Hacker website.

The information may seem years old, but it is just another example of the vast amount of data compiled by Facebook and other social networks. Limitations on how secure that information is.

Business Insider was the first outlet to report the availability of that data. According to the release, The database covers 106 countries and includes phone numbers and Facebook identities, Full names, locations, dates of birth and email addresses.

For years, Facebook has tried to solve data security issues. In 2018, the social service company disabled a feature that allowed users to search others by phone number, revealing that it was a political service company Cambridge Analytica was able to access information from 87 million Facebook users Without the consent or knowledge of those people.

In December 2019, a Ukrainian security analyst announced the discovery of a database with names, phone numbers and identities. More than 267 million Facebook users – almost all in the United States – on the open Internet. It is not known whether the current compiled data is associated with this database.

“This is already old information previously announced in 2019”Menlo Park, a California-based company, said in a statement. “In August 2019 we detected and fixed this problem.”

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