Social. Amazon finally agrees that some employees urinate in bottles, but …

Social.  Amazon finally agrees that some employees urinate in bottles, but ...

It took almost a week. Elected Democrat Mark Bocken has been accused of pushing his staff to urinate in bottles, and Amazon has finally admitted that this type of event could happen because he does not have time to go to the toilet due to hell rates.

Twitter spikes and many more testimonials

Last week, when Mark Pokemon was questioned on Twitter, the e-commerce company responded on the same social network: “You really don’t believe this story of bottled urine, anyway? If it’s true, no one will work for us”.

Since then, several American media outlets have released testimonies from Amazon employees confirming that they must have urinated in plastic bottles. According to Interception, The documents also prove that the company officials were aware of this practice.

“We know our drivers have trouble finding toilets.”

So Amazon apologized … to the elected representative in the House of Representatives.

“We have to apologize to Representative Bogan. […] The tweet is invalid. It ignored our large group of drivers and misdirected our distribution centers. […] We are aware that our drivers are having difficulty locating toilets due to traffic or sometimes rural roads, especially in Kovid-19 where many public toilets were closed, ”the company said in a statement on Friday.

The company triggers an “old” problem and promises: “We want to solve it, we do not know how, but we will look for solutions”.

However, these excuses are not considered sufficient because the evidence assures that the problem is not only with the drivers, but in fact with all Amazon employees, especially those who work at the distribution center.

This is what Mark Bogan lamented on Twitter on Saturday: “Sigh, this is not about me, your employees – you are not behaving with enough respect and dignity. The inappropriate working conditions you have created for all your employees”.

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