Michael Jr. in American Sauce: His show is exported!

L Expression “The best soups are made in old pots“That makes perfect sense when it comes to Michael Yoon Live in the morning, In the absence of twenty years, renaming it Morning and night, The troublemaker had a fine nose. Its megaphone has actually found an echo across the Atlantic because entertainment will soon be suited to the United States.

This is the American entertainment program Spoke Studios The kitchen of hell Gordon Ramsay, Real housewives Or American Reconstruction, Who purchased the rights Morning and night. The American version is called Near the big crazy game D. Two teams of celebrities will be seen competing against each other in a series of challenges. “Wacky and irrelevant. The karaoke first lyrics have been changed, showing annoying or awkward videos without allowing them to laugh.“, Explains the site of Deadline before adding it “The winning artist of each episode will have valuable time as soon as the show is over, while the losers will be punished in a fun way.

These French games that are successful overseas

Michael Yoon, who can be seen this Sunday in the TV movie Enfons Wall in La Yune, is not the only presenter to see his shows being exported. In this area, Oliver Minne occupies the first place on the stage. Fort Boyard One of the most relevant sports shows around the world. There are shows in less than 31 countries, from Algeria to South Korea via Argentina, Sweden and Lebanon. Scenery is hard to export, post-adventurers go to Sarande-Maritime for their own shoot Fort Boyard.

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For his part, Everyone wants to take their place, the game Nagui lighthouse on French television, He lives his life in Japan, Spain, China or the United Kingdom (in the name of a few)Grab your seat.

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