[Fiches Draft] Barco Athlete Dillon Roduns (OT) | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Barco Athlete Dillon Roduns (OT) |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Just a month before the draft (April 29), the editorial staff of TouchDownDocu presents you with its annual “Draft Sheet”. 80 of the best university players to delight your favorite NFL team in 2021, 40 on offense and 40 on defense.

Dillon Roduns – Overcoming Attack – North Dakota State

Cut: 1 m 98

Weight: 137 kg

Draft rated status: 30-50

Statistics 2019: 682 photos, 0 excuses agreed (Fall 2020 season canceled)

NFL Comparison: David Bakhtiar (Packers)

Points forts

– Athletes
– Polyvalent

In 2016, North Dakota hired him with the intention of turning him into a defensive player. Nevertheless, Dillon Radoons has emphasized his qualities. In 2019, he defended the quarterback Tray Lance: 682 played snaps and no work was conceded. Of course, the movement of its launcher and the dominance of NDSU in the 2nd Varsity division helped. A high school basketball player, he is known for his movement, especially the sport of sharp and light legs.

Led by the running pitcher of love, Dillon Roduns was playing on the ground with a focused focus on the game. So his athletic qualities drew attention to safety and opening violations. The speed of his first step and his aim allow him to quickly gain advantage over his opponent and show the way to his runner.

Weak points

– Template
– Resistance

Came up with a defensive-end template, the position he held in high school, Dillon Roduns has since gained weight: nearly 30kg in four years. However, this is in line with NFL standards. While he hopes this will not slow down his movement, he should gain more muscle mass.

North Dakota State University won the National Second Division title in 2017, 2018 and 2019! If it’s easier to shine when your team is higher than the others, then every Saturday the equation is the NFL. All of its enemies are stronger, faster, and smarter than anyone they have ever encountered. However, Dillon Roduns removed some doubts during the Senior Cup week, where he was selected as the “Training Week Player”. But it was also against training and players who will be players next season.

Possible locations

Steelers, Chiefs, Bengalis, Jaguars, Chargers, Riders, Washington

The Steelers have not yet resigned Alejandro Villanueva, who is a slim cop and not too thick by NFL standards. The chiefs lost their two holders at the edge of the attack line, while the Bengals needed to better defend Joe Burrow. If the Chargers take another direction in the first round, there is no doubt that the second OT will be their target.

The new coach of the Jaguars wants to play in a zonal setting in his attacking line-up where Dillon Roduns will show all his qualities, especially in stopping the second curtain. Although the video below is in the original version, the set is recreated and the video chart allows everyone to understand the philosophy of the urban mayor’s map. An organization created for the qualities of Dillon Roduns.

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