The woman recorded and shared a video of how her three-year-old daughter was abused

The woman recorded and shared a video of how her three-year-old daughter was abused

One of the groups reporting on the movement in the city complained that the video was sent to the wrong person.

After a woman in Manichales, Colombia, agreed to register and share via WhatsApp chats, outrage erupted over how a man committed abusive sexual acts against his daughter.

Following her statement, a judge sent her to jail.

According to officials, after a complaint was made by a member of one of the groups reporting on the movement in the city, to whom the video was mistakenly sent, they were able to catch her and prosecute her.

“A few days ago, this woman sent a pornographic video through a WhatsApp group that caused anger and rejection among its members. It was a minor, she was only harassed for three years,” the Manichales Metropolitan Police said.

“Knowing that the person who recorded the video would be his own mother caused even more rejection and outrage,” he continued.

Caught report

He was arrested two days after the incident by uniformed officers assigned to the Sexual Offenses Division and Police Juvenile and Adolescent Committee.

The complainant was able to bring to the relevant authorities sufficient official information to seek a warrant for the arrest in a timely manner, which was useful at the time of registration.

“In the vicinity of La Isabella, a 23-year-old woman named ‘Natalia’ has been arrested.

At the indictment, the woman pleaded guilty and was sent to jail and jail.

The minor was in the possession of the Colombian Family Welfare Organization (ICPF) in accordance with the restoration of his rights.

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There the minor will be left in the hands of a surrogate mother, while she will receive mental social care.

Authorities are investigating the identity of the person who committed the sexual acts, which was recorded with the search for the mother of these minorities and then prosecuted.

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