"It was our brandy type"

“It was our brandy type”


Nearly 80 years and a thousand advances in cinema divide them. However, when he has to cite an actor he identified during his study, Tahar Rahim spontaneously names the actor Jean Cabin as “closer to reality”. Guest of Michael Denisot Icons, Europe 1 Saturday, Malik’s translator A prophet, All of his admiration for a monument of French cinema is timeless because it is so modern in his view.

“A handover, or a revolution”

“I especially remember a movie, it marked me a lot, it’s called The day begins Presented by Marcel Carney [sorti en 1939, ndlr]”, Begins Tahar Rahim.” A great actor is the great Jules Berry, and there is more at that time. Then the cabin that is still young. He walks in, they have a scene with Arletti, and the three of them are at a bar counter. ”

Tahar Rahim then describes “the shock of two ways to play, but the shock of two different generations, as if there were a handover or a revolution.” “Cabin brings a way out of the street, and brings a way to move, see and be easy … It was a strong shock, which can often be noticed in the big changes in cinema in general.”

Who plays a ruthless killer New Netflix series Snake Thus establishing an analogy with even older cinema. “It was already quiet: I saw a movie Money Presented by L. Herpier [sorti en 1928, ndlr], We have a young actress and a slightly older actor, and we already feel the difference in the play. “

“A movie I could recognize a little bit”

In addition to this “difference”, the “anti-hero” Jean Cabin’s credible side immediately appealed to the young Tahar Rahim. “I thought it was like our Brando [Marlon Brando, l’acteur américain du Parrain, ndlr]. When I saw some Hollywood movies from the same era, it was so natural, so real, so close to real. “

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“It’s true that the cinema he produces is very social,” said the actor, who is of Algerian descent, the youngest in a normal family of 10 children. “I think it’s a cinema that can be identified for a while in a childhood French cinema, because I could not, because the representation of those in my social stratum is not with my neighbors or anyone I saw through the window.”

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