Offset running on issues with voter feeding authorities in Atlanta

Offset running on issues with voter feeding authorities in Atlanta
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Lincoln, who works with a MIGOS member to provide free meals to people waiting in line for polls, says Rapper was ‘threatened’ by Quinn County officials for handing over the food.

Offset On Tuesday, November 3, he tried to motivate people who went out to vote in his home state of Georgia by giving them free rein. However, his initiative was not greatly appreciated by the local government.

The rapper was stopped by food trucks from The Slutty Wagon and Big Daves by 3 polling stations in Quinnet and Fulton districts on election day. Instead of coming empty-handed, he fed those waiting in line to vote.

In the videos circulated online, the offset was even seen inside the slutty wagon food truck. He put a shield over the top of his sweater, covered his face with a white mask, and wore a blue hat to keep his hair down. The 28-year-old climbed into the back of a truck, grabbed a bullhorn and talked about his excitement at voting for the first time.

Lincoln, who has teamed up with Offset for the initiative, tweeted earlier in the day to urge people to vote with the chance to meet the Georgia-born star. “Want to meet OffOffsetYRN?” Read the tweet. “Well, he’s today at Fickets Elementary at 2:30 p.m. And at the William Walker Wreck Center at 3:30 p.m .: both Atlanta, GA. Take some selfies. Vote. Oh, and get some free lsluttyVeganATL.”

However, things did not go very smoothly. In the following tweet, Lincoln stated that the offset was condemned by Quinnet County officials for offering free meals. “We have been working with f offsiteRN in Georgia to feed Quinnet’s voters in that unnecessarily long queue, but instead of welcoming him, he was threatened by gwwinnettgov. This seems like voter intimidation and discrimination,” it said.

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Offset's Instagram story

Offset provided free meals to a fan at a polling station.

Offset itself did not report any problems with city officials during the project. Instead, “Rick Player Trip” Spitter chose to share videos on his Instagram story to let his fans know that he had cast his ballot and show his “I voted” sticker when he went to the polls. Another video captured his relationship with a female fan who was lucky enough to meet him at the polls.

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