“Strange but true”, Saturday night defined thriller?

"Strange but true", Saturday night defined thriller?

Surprisingly, Rowan Atale signs off on a small but entertaining film that takes American Puritanism against the grain.

Before re-appearing on the OCS agenda this month, we were a little surprised by this little table-based thriller that had only a modest U.S. release in 2019.

According to its title, its trailer and a good part of its story, by the intervention of the Holy Spirit, pregnant with her boyfriend who died five years ago.

The film is actually smarter than expected, in that it actually says “Why not…?” Expected, rather a whodunit In the form of a game of very confusing tracks (which made Melissa pregnant: a bad type of passage, a big secret love, little Jesus, all at once?), Paradoxically in many ways – especially prejudices we stick to this American train that we don’t pronounce the word “abortion” on, so this kind of thing We can count on nonsense.

Redeemer Cristiano Myth

Rowan Atalee seems to be amused by this ambiguity, using both to maintain an atmosphere Inject clues of the recovering Cristiano myth and villainous thriller.

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Once the knot is untied, of course, everything is flat, there is only a normal twist, no doubt to be forgotten, but we will recognize that the film was able to impress us unexpectedly.

Strange but true Presented by Rowan Atale, with Margaret Qualli, Nick Robinson (USA, 2019, 1m36). At OCS, April 14

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