The Black Cube tried to embarrass a judge with a $ 11 million fee

מייסד ומנכ"ל בלאק קיוב דן זורלא

Following a court ruling in Ontario, Canada, the Israeli investigative and business intelligence agency BlackCube sought to embarrass a judge who ruled against a financial institution that hired its services. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Toronto-based Catalyst Capital Group has agreed to pay up to $ 11 million in commissions to the Black Cube, which could hurt agents.Reputation At the Canadian Judge and Competitive Agency, as part of an operation known as the “New Maple Project”.

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The verdict, handed down by Ontario Supreme Court Judge Gary Boswell, provides a rare overview of the Black Cube’s operations and its tariff arrangements. The private intelligence agency, sometimes referred to as the “private company” in the media, has in various cases assisted corporate clients with mixed success by gathering information that may be harmful to competitors or legal competitors.

The judge’s decision is the latest development in a protracted controversy between the catalyst and rival Westface capital. West Pace, targeted by the Black Cube, asked the court to force the catalyst to release documents related to the private investigation. Following the ruling that Black Cube “only participates in legal proceedings”, its mechanisms are backed by legal experts who ensure that the law is within its jurisdiction.

Founder and CEO"To Black Cube Don Sorla Don Corla is the founder and CEO of Black Cube Photo: Yoshi Aloni – Wikipedia

According to the ruling, the catalyst did not know or confirm what Judge Boswell described as the methods of the Black Cube trial designed to deceive Westbase and Canadian Judge Frank Newbold.

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The catalyst agreed to pay Black Cube a base fee of $ 1.5 million, and up to $ 11 million, depending on the bonus system, the court said. The catalyst, for its part, was prosecuted in January on the grounds that Black Cube had conducted an irresponsible and negligent investigation. The Black Cup panel in 2017 persuaded past and present staff of Judge Newball and West Pace to come to various meetings in an attempt to reveal confidential and embarrassing information.

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