Suitable for Social Networking Photos – Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones

Suitable for Social Networking Photos - Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones

For a long time, a mobile phone was no longer a means of writing calls or messages. Smart devices offer unprecedented opportunities to connect with people at every step. One of them is a phone camera that captures everyday moments and instantly shares them on social networks. Of course, before that you often wanted to edit photos, today there is no shortage of dedicated gadgets. What is the focus for users of Android phones?

The fact that the quality of photography and display is very important for smartphone users today has also been shown by a consumer survey conducted by Samsung in March this year. Its results showed that 59 percent. Lithuanians often use their phones for social media. Facebook (80%) and Instagram (31%) are the most popular sites for consumers, i.e. photo-based social networks.

Not surprisingly, users of these social networks often prefer to have a photo editing app on their phone as well. True, they alone are not always enough. To enjoy the best quality photos, you first need a phone with a high quality camera and screen. These features are featured in Samsung’s recent introduction of the new Galaxy A-Series phones, whose camera system allows you to take ultra-sharp and detailed pictures.

With a standard phone, you can also find good photo editing apps. Users of Android phones should note the following solutions:

1. “Pix Art”

The PicsArt gadget is one of the most popular photo editing tools used by over 500 million people. Consumers worldwide. The application is free (with some paid features) and offers the user many photo editing options they need, including standard photo rotation, cropping, contrast adjustment, but also selection of many features and effects such as art filters, drawing on photos, frame and more. K.D. Person lovers may also like the gadget feature, which allows you to remove wrinkles from your face or change hair color in photos.

2. “Snapspeed”

It is a very popular free photo editing application which has a very user friendly interface and ease of use. Snapspeed runs smoothly, offers 28 different tools for photo editing, saves photos in a variety of formats, and offers many features for everyday use. Users may also like the healing feature that works flawlessly in this application, allowing the selected object in the photo to be distinguished from the background.

3. “Adobe Photoshop Express”

Although many people know Photoshop as a professional photo editing software, they are Express The version for phones is designed not only for professionals but also for ordinary users. It contains all the necessary packages of easy-to-use photo editing tools. With this app, users will definitely minimize the various effects and filters that will help make the photos they post on Instagram or Facebook flawless. The application is free, but you will have to pay to use some of its features.

4. “Photo Director Photo Editor”

Although this gadget is not known as its competitors mentioned earlier, it is one of the most powerful photo editing tools currently available for phones. In addition, the gadget offers many filters that can be very difficult to choose. Those who want diversity in the photo editing process should pay attention to this more than 50 million. User friendly gadget. Additionally, it offers a standard animation feature that gives more life to static photos.

5. “Photo Lab Image Editor”

Another notable photo editing application offers a wide range of options and over 900 different effects. The app allows you to complete photo polishes and give them more beauty with face montages, GIF animations, art background solutions and many more features. Additionally, the gadget is easily customized to the needs of each user. The downside of the gadget is that the free version leaves a “watermark” on the edited photos. A paid gadget subscription is required to avoid this.

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