NASA says humans are breaking with the Earth’s natural ecological balance

equilibrio ecológico

A new study by NASA says that human activity is to blame for the environmental imbalances that produce too much energy on Earth.

The earth renews its energy resources as part of its natural cycles. Therefore, the processes of the planet fulfill the function Equilibrium energy flow Inside and outside the organization; However, human activities – such as industrialization and urbanization – are seriously disrupting and causing this ecological balance. Global temperatures will risel.

Increasingly hot planet

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This answer, according to the most recent observations NASA, This is not accidental. On the contrary, the Radiation energy enters From the Sun to the Earth system, it returns to space once its rotation is complete. This has been going on for billions of years Human existence changed the natural process.

Energy from sunlight is naturally absorbed by the earth. However, something that can’t get out is heating up the planet. This is a natural phenomenon similar to when there is cement Warming up On a sunny day, and radiate heat Itself: What is happening Thermal energy It contains Trying to get out.

In the case of the planet, the clouds do not leave that energy. In this way, the greenhouse gases contain it in the atmosphere, and the surface heats up even more. This is the event Increased by flow and limits By the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by human industrial activities, Prevents radiation from returning to space.

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A planetary response to the lack of ecological balance

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A recent NASA study confirms that Radiation forcing They are increasing by human actions. Not only that: this phenomenon affects the ecological balance of the planet and, as a result, Causing climate change. For this reason, in addition, the planet’s temperature changes rapidly and rapidly.

Although NASA observations are new Information About Energy balance Of the planet, this is not yet certain What factors specifically affect In this event. According to the researchers, the increase in temperature is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions Energy production, The Transportation And this Industrial production.

The study opens up the opportunity for development Very fast and effective climate models Than the previous one. This way, you can Monitor The Radiation forcing “Almost in real time,” according to a statement. In this way, according to scientists, it will be easier to predict and more practical Future weather changes.

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