“He’s definitely moving”: a big name from the East in the beginning

"He's definitely moving": a big name from the East in the beginning

Once the deadline is over, rumors for the future continue. A big name will come from the East, it will not come Not surprising for many considering its effectiveness.

Who said the rumors were over by the deadline? Conversely, now, teams are already starting to think about the best strategy for the next free company. Players are still available, and competitors for the title want to have a match list.

On the other hand, we find leaders who want to improve their staff after a disappointing season. This is the example of the Celtics, who should manage the Evan Fornier case, who Exactly what has been revealed about his future.

But the Frenchman, who will soon be a free agent, is not one to worry too much about in Boston, but rather Kemba Walker. Clumsy, not defensive, the leader represents an issue and Brad Stevens ’men’s disappointing season. No wonder we found this out in the last rumor of the day.

A former NBA executive believes Celtics will trade Kemba Walker in office:

“They tried the previous office. They had so many offers at the table and almost pulled the trigger. Kemba will probably leave the next office.”

Rather frustrating, Walker can be traded, but for what? With more than 100 million million remaining over the next three years, it is not considered a bargain, it is a long way off. For C-, it is therefore necessary to give up assets.

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Even with Jason Tatum, it can’t be imagined to this day unless the owner really thinks the title has a chance. Kemba Walker becomes an issue in any case, which must be resolved quickly.

Is Kemba Walker leaving? No wonder more than the size of the leader. Rumors have started for him.

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