Olympic Qualification: Jose Batista and Edwin Encornesion want to participate

Olympic Qualification: Jose Batista and Edwin Encornesion want to participate

In June, many nations will try to qualify for the Olympics – at the baseball level, of course. Currently, Japan, Israel, South Korea and Mexico are definitely participating in the Games. If games happen this summer, of course.

There are two more places. One of these locations will be acquired in Florida this summer, in June. Many countries, including Canada and the United States, will fight for their place in the sun. The team that wins the tournament will get a place in Tokyo.

In clubs fighting for a place, we look at the Dominican Republic.

Good news for them? They may have a powerful backup to qualify and go to games. We talk about Edwin Encornesion, Jose Batista and Melki Cabrera. Three hitters causing rain and shine in Toronto.

Currently, Encornesian and Cabrera are free to air. Since we do not know whether the players of the majors will participate, it is necessary to retreat on the players of the minors and the free agents.

Guys, like Batista, love to play. This gives them better visibility and allows them to represent their country. Win-win.

Does Batista want to go there as a winner? I dare believe so … but I can’t attest to it.

Part of the pre-Olympics qualification, so let’s see these athletes together one more time.

Since he was suspended for doping in the MLP, the Dominican Republic’s G.M. But if he is, he will be there so he can fit in and play.

So we have to see if they will be there and make more impact. If so, it will help them get back on track – especially Edwin Encornesion, who wants to play for two more years.

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Are you ready for this visit for the future?

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