1973, Ingrid Bergman in his career

1973, Ingrid Bergman in his career

Born August 29, 1915, Ingrid Bergman died the same day in 1982. This Swedish actress became famous in Hollywood and won two Oscars in her career. Independent and cultivated he is a landmark figure in 20th century cinema history. Looking back on the life of an emotional woman.

In May 1973, the actress became the chairman of the Cannes Arbitration Board, on the DF1 news at 8:00 pm, inspiring cinema to develop like all other arts, which was easy for her at the beginning of this art. “Sometimes I wonder what we are looking for“. He looks back on his own life and sees that the screenplays of films are more complex than in the past. His film career is behind her, he has dedicated himself to the theater, but hopes that one day he will play the role he wants.


(Photo credit: Ina Photo Library, Cannes 1973)

From Sweden to Hollywood

Ingrid Bergman was born on August 29, 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden. He had no mother at the age of three, and when he was twelve, was raised by his father until his death.
With a keen interest in theater, he entered the Royal Dramatic Theater School in Stockholm for a year, during which time he made his film debut. He has been filming several films in Sweden Intermesso, In 1936.
The film changes his life, which led him to American producer David O. Lets Selsnik notice. In 1939, he invited her to star in a remake of the film.

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His international career began, and he was subsequently given key roles (Casablanca, for whom Glass Sounding, ghost – It won the Oscar for Best Actress – and Jean D’Arc). Her fame grew from film to film and she became the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Another milestone in his career: his encounter with Alfred Hitchcock made him the face of three of the most famous films (The House of Dr. Edwards, The Chains and the Lovers of Capricorn.)

An emotional and glorious affair with Roberto Rosellini

The young woman is at the peak of her glory when she has another decisive encounter that will change the course of her life. In 1949, he met the Italian director Roberto Rosellini with whom he shoots Strompoli. An emotional love story begins between them. Ingrid Bergman leaves her then-husband Better Lindstrom and their daughter Pia to live in a relationship with the Italian director. He will have three children. His attitude caused a scandal in Puritan America at the time. Collective attacks by religious groups, feminist associations and politicians have banned her from American cinema for seven years. During this Italian period, Ingrid Bergman filmed four films under Rosellini’s direction: Voyage to Europe 51, Italy, The Fear, in John Stack. In 1957, Ingrid and Roberto divorced.

1957: Thunder, Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rosellini divorce, 8 years later, and turmoil.

He owes it to himself to star again in Hollywood Anesthesia Written by Anatole Litwalk (1956), it won him a second Oscar.

1969: The actress gives an interview in which she talks about her family.

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The comeback of one of the greatest actresses of all time

The actress begins filming for American cinema and European films.

In 1973, he chaired the jury for the Cannes Film Festival. When asked about his biggest role, he answers … Joan of Arc. In 1975, he won the third and final Oscar of his career Crime of the Orient Express.
Two years later, she won another Oscar for her role as Charlotte, an accomplished pianist, but unworthy mother. Autumn Sonata Presented by Ingmar Bergman. This will be his last role on the big screen.

In 1980, as a guest of the Apostrophe, he stimulated his close relationship with the French language.

In 1982, on her 67th birthday, Ingrid Bergman died of breast cancer in London.

His last award was posthumous. This is the Emmy Award for Best Actress for her role as Golda Mir in the TV soap opera A girl named Golda.
Ingrid Bergman entered the history of cinema as one of its best actresses. In 1999, she was ranked by the American Film Institute as the fourth greatest actress of all time. 100 years of AFI… 100 stars.

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