Jennifer Lopez’s Valentine’s Day detail makes fans fall in love

Jennifer Lopez's Valentine's Day detail makes fans fall in love

Jennifer Lopez Valentine's Day Profile Makes Fans Fall In Love (AP)

A detail for Jennifer Lopez for Valentine’s Day makes fans fall in love | Andhra

The Actress “Jenny from the Black” and singer Jennifer Lopez decided to share it with her followers on her official Instagram account, where a video showed what one of the many gifts her partner gave her. Alex Rodriguez Decided to give it to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

With only one video Jennifer Lopez She was sure to sigh and envy some women for the precious details her partner had about her, a sign that he adores her and is very detailed with his loving wife.

Especially in the video we see a big bouquet of beautiful roses that was in the middle of a long and interesting table, which is normal ”The Bronx DivaAnother nickname worn by Jennifer Lopez, the translator of “Poppy”, usually has more glamorous luxury flavors, not because this last nickname suits her perfectly.

The Video It starts with a photo of the bouquet, which will show off its natural colors, making the beautiful arrangement even more spectacular, as Jennifer Lopez can walk near the desk and reach for the very vibrant bouquet she has behind her as the video begins. Shows more than 142 views of millions of followers Instagram.

You can hear the song “My Funny Valentine” performed by American singer and actor Frank Sinatra in the background, because the melody came through the voices of various artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Matt Dusk and Seal. For some, the song is so popular, precisely this February 14th, Valentine’s Day, at least in the US, that it is constantly heard, especially since the new version performed by Seal was re-released in 2017.

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Thanks to the fact that her partner Jennifer Lopez has decided to carry her post with a much softer handwriting, there is no doubt that this detail left much to be desired, with helium balloons attached at the top of the arrangement, which came in many heart shapes and in black, red and white each with amazing details and printed hearts .

According to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, February is totally a holiday for both of them because they met again on February 1st, two days after they started dating, and to this day they do it every day together. Or at least for JLo and his partner, this is their special month.

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The singer revealed in her explanation that she adored the former baseball player for having a very good sense of humor because she kept on laughing, which women admit, we want a man who makes us laugh.

I love you and you are my fun lover with me no matter what you do for me, ”Jennifer Lopez wrote.

Whether the couple continues to express their love, whether on social media or in public, doing so on this special date is even more amazing and adorable.

Besides this beautiful and wonderful Flower arrangement Through her stories, Jennifer Lopez gave us more details about her Valentine’s Day because her partner decided to make a heart out of rose petals on her bed and center her initials, in addition to the head of the bed there was of course another small gift bag, sharing what the actress had inside Did not.

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