United States: One company offers donuts a day to everyone who is vaccinated!

United States: One company offers donuts a day to everyone who is vaccinated!

The American brand Crispy Cream offers one donut a day to those who are vaccinated.

For now, it seems we can save ourselves from this Endless epidemic, These are vaccines. Thus, different governments Encourage their people to get vaccinated soon. The trend is so strong that celebrities do not hesitate to share their networks on social networks.

Beneficial documents

Vaccine, If desired, may also take Pass for certain activities, As Access to bars Or To theaters. European Commissioner for Domestic Markets, Theory Breton, Mentioned Establishing a health certificate, Distributed to vaccinated people within the European Union.

A “Green passport“It simply came to our notice then Israel, Which defined its citizenship earlier this month. In this case, The country has reopened all its restaurants. They were certainly thrown in bulk; The interior was, however Reserved for passport holders.

Full of sugar

King of the Donut, Crispy Cream, Rides this course by delivering An attractive offer In its US companies. Its loyal customers have a right Free frozen donut Once their vaccination card is issued.

This gift is not unique. In fact, the brand offers you generously One donut a day. So if you pass At tea time every day Before a Crispy Cream, you need something for dinner!

You understand. In the United States, everything is done Promote vaccination !

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