Curiosity rover’s interesting ‘selfie’ on Mars


The Rover interested from NASA, Found Mars planet Taking a sample of the space and sending images to Earth Curious took a ‘selfie’ Thanks for its robot arm. An interesting snapshot of a place called ‘Mont Merco’, which is a reference to the mountains of France.

In early March, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover began accessing it Impressive rock formation. ‘Selby’ is called ‘Mont Merco’ and ‘Nontron’ in a rock model near a new borehole, which is the 30th model to date.

So, ‘Selfie’ is made up of 60 pictures Retrieved March 26, 2021, from MAHLI. These were linked to 11 pictures taken on the Mastcom Mast or to the Rover “head” on March 16, 2021.

As explained in the NASA release, the Curiosity drill sparked the model so that the scientific team could better understand the composition of the rock and the clues it could provide about Mars’ past.

Curiosity also provided a pair of panoramas on March 4, 2021 using its Mastcam. By shooting a panorama from a distance of about 40 meters from the outside, then turning to one side and shooting another from the same distance, the rover created an effect stereoscopic for those seen in 3D viewers.

Studying the exterior from more than one angle helps scientists To get a better idea of ​​the 3D geometry of the sedimentary layers of Mount Merco.

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