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Sino-US relations are increasingly tense. Ten days ago, when high-level delegates met the two sides in an open confrontation, they could talk about the Slopper dispute; But in the past week, the Xinjiang cotton war has buried the flesh, and the big brands in China and abroad already have them. Substantial loss.

Not everyone can expect an amazing improvement in Sino-US relations. In fact, the details of the summit between the two countries have already predicted that a small “instant noodles” (instant noodles) may already be found.

The thing is true. There were 3 high-level meetings between China and the United States. The photo time before the first meeting was called the “photo call” when it was called the “photo call”. US Secretary of State Blingen did not follow through on the agreement between the two parties. “Breaking the stomach”, China blamed its actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan and included other attacks on China. The first day of junior high school did America. Yang Jiechi, a member of the Central Committee’s Political Bureau, said, “You are not qualified to speak in front of China. You start from a strong position and speak with China.” The United States is not qualified to speak with China. The Chinese will not eat this package! “These golden phrases went viral in the online world.

After the first meeting, the second conversation began in the afternoon. As Chinese envoys Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi left the hotel where they were staying, the media filmed the following conversation between Yang and Wang:

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Wang Yi asked Yang Jiechi: Did you have lunch?

Yang Jiechi: Well, instant noodles!

Reporters familiar with foreign affairs interviews understand that the first affair usually involves the aforementioned “photo call”. Shooting time is 5 to 10 minutes from the start of the shooting meeting, and shooting time is not arranged for the second or third meeting. The photographer waits outside the venue or in the lobby of the hotel where the delegates are staying, and captures scenes of people coming in and out of both parties, with the text reporter noticing their words and the delegates entering the venue or hotel. There are some details, such as respect for assessing the context of the negotiation.

In these fragmented entry and exit scenes, the reporter did not expect to get anything, but with Yang Jiechi’s phrase “eating instant noodles” the reporter was like a treasure. Some patriots described the United States as a small family. As a guest, they will not even arrange for lunch to be served by Chinese delegates. Judging from the many diplomatic messages I have interviewed, this interpretation is somewhat serious. In fact, it is not a matter of who pays for the food and which party is not likely to use it to cause inconvenience. But that doesn’t mean that the phrase “eating instant noodles” is meaningless, I think there is a deeper explanation behind it.

Understand diplomatic knowledge first:

First, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi are both senior diplomats. You never know if the photographer will record the conversation between the two, and when you look at the picture, they both didn’t talk about anything else back and forth, so it was that the two of them deliberately talked.

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Second, there is a “diplomatic photo gallery” between the two countries, usually in high-level talks or negotiations. First, they would take pictures and shake hands before negotiations during normal exchanges. Now the epidemic relationship has shifted to the elbow. Then you can take a photo of the crowd. After the meeting, usually the guest will set up a casual lunch to invite the other party, or have a working lunch, simple light meal.

Third, this kind of high-level dialogue between the two countries has a joint statement in the general direction and a joint press conference for good relations.

With this diplomatic knowledge, you will see how bad Sino-US relations are. First, when the photo is taken, the “Su River and Han Borders” of both sides are settled, and no handshake or elbow touching photos can be taken; Second, after the first round meeting, do not talk about feasts, work is not lunch, so Yang Jiechi said “eating instant noodles”; 3. There was no joint statement after the meeting, and Voice had stated before the US meeting that there would be no joint statement for either party. The US approach is not to move towards a consensus between the two sides, but to hold a joint press conference.

After watching the high-level meeting between China and the United States, Wang Yi’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov showed several photos of the two enthusiastically greeting each other on the elbow, as well as pictures of them having lunch together under the beautiful Kilin Mountains.

Interactive photo arrangement for foreign ministers of China and Russia

Interactive photo arrangement for foreign ministers of China and Russia

Interactive photo arrangement for foreign ministers of China and Russia

Interactive photo arrangement for foreign ministers of China and Russia

Lunch at one of the best landscape quilts in the world

Chinese and Russian foreign ministers and delegation have lunch together in Guilin, where the landscape is the best in the world

So, Yang Jiechi’s phrase “eating instant noodles” is not about saying the American side is stingy, but showing an attitude, advising reporters not to assume that both parties will not sit down to eat them, and even make a sample and casual work lunch for everyone. Don’t count on sitting down and eating less.

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I have been interviewing foreign news for over 20 years. I have never seen such a publicly open “photo call” and I can rarely “catch” the phrase “eat instant noodles” out of place.

As one senior diplomat emotionally put it: “We have never seen it. The world has changed, we can never go back.”

Li Dong

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