Steff Curry tackles a Warriors legend

La star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, avait un message fort à faire passer à ses détracteurs après son carton face aux Portland Trail Blazers

Stephen Curry, who paid homage to his predecessors, rarely says bad things about them. Nevertheless, what he did about the former glory of the Golden State was to write bold comments about Taps’ last super steam with Kevin Durant.

Some will highlight the fact that their record was far from the 73-9 record established the previous year. Others will argue that the developed collective game is not so polished. On the other hand, if not in the league, there is no denying that the 2016-17 Warriors team is not among the best in licensing history.

Almost perfect course authors in playoffs (16-1), Stephen Curry, Kevin Torrent, Clay Thompson & Co. will never be ashamed. But for Baron Davis, Podcast’s last guest was “Taps Dog” NBC Sports Bay Area, Dubs of the “We Believe” era, of which he was a part, would have made life harder for them in a fictional series.

It will go in 7 games. They had a huge strike force, but we would not let that happen. The thing is, we wouldn’t have tried to run into them. We would have played them hard. We are not going to attack them, but they will not let us clear them. Everything would have been a story of duels, conflicts and personal notes.

Aside from Davis, you can count on big-minded players like Golden State Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis or Jason Richardson. Physically, this list would no doubt have caused problems for Steve Kerr men in this area. So the former leader continues with such confidence:

We are still athletic, tough, and I think we would have had positive competition against them. Sure, they had good collective defense, so it would have been hard for us to find matches, but we were a select and roll and isolated team. I like Al Harrington’s idea in Tremond Green. I can see their players posting to anyone. This is going to be a pretty interesting series.

Believing in his words, even the twin All-Star went so far as to ask him to plan this confrontation. But despite all the flexibility and talent he has on his team, it’s hard to imagine him taking over for the 2017 champions. This also supports the idea… Steff Curry on the issue.

According to Baron Davis, who says the Warriors would have beaten those crowned champions with KT: “I’d not expect anything else from the comics … well, we all agree. But he’s not going to make a good GM if he thinks he’s. ”

During their almost impeccable run in the latter season, Chef and his associates actually had to measure themselves against strong organizations like the Jazz and Spurs. Then everyone came under severe attack. Confirming the strength of Armada at the time, Curry kindly allows his elder to take his place.

Timeless matches can sometimes give crazy ideas about the impact of NBA personalities. As for Stephen Curry, this is how Baron Davis should be placed.

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