On Twitter, Amazon is fighting against the unification of its employees

On Twitter, Amazon is fighting against the unification of its employees

The American company uses an aggressive strategy on the social network to encourage the unionization of its employees.

This is a historic vote for Amazon, the second largest American employer after Walmart. Yesterday, March 29, employees at one of its warehouses based in Alabama (United States) voted to form the company’s first union, with results expected in the coming hours. Since the fall, Amazon has launched a campaign to prevent its employees from merging.

As announced France24 On March 29, the U.S. leader in e-commerce used several or less original tools for the campaign, to control transactions between drivers and union activists, from creating a website to changing the speed of a traffic light at the exit of the warehouse, with the aim of encouraging its employees to unite. But according to the American site Recode, Amazon is on Twitter that it is very tough.

Jeff Bezos is angry

According to Record, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently complained that his teams have not responded to attacks against the company. An anger that multinationals need to be more aggressive on the social network.

Dave Clark, the company’s operating boss, openly attacked the politician on March 24 when former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders traveled to Alabama to support Amazon’s first union.

“If you want to hear about 15 hour pay and health care, Senator Sanders will talk in town. But if you really want to earn $ 15 an hour, if you have good health care, Amazon hires you.” Thus dealt with Dave Clark this March 24th.

Since 2018, Amazon has set the minimum wage for all its employees at $ 15 an hour, which is more than twice the federal minimum wage in the United States.

But Dave Clark’s message remains the same Commented Mark Bocken, a Democrat elected to the United States House of Representatives, cited the case of several Amazon employees whose profit motives were to urinate a bottle. Here again, an attack from the company triggers a reaction.

“You don’t believe these urine bottle stories anyway? If that were true, no one would work for us, ”Amazon responds, for a few hours Before the challenge Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren on a fictitious tax hike for big business.

A version that was immediately denied by the facts, with key evidence that Amazon employees and / or subcontractors were forced to urinate in bottles or defecate in bags, Interception. A situation known to the company

Army of ambassadors

According to Record, the news virus released by an employee prompted an employee to report suspicious activity on the company’s Twitter account, which he believed was hacked.

As recalled Kismodo website In 2019, Amazon benefited from an army of “ambassadors” on Twitter, obtained from its employees working in US warehouses and offered an extra day off and a $ 50 gift card to spend with their employer.

“I also suffer from depression and wanted to leave Amazon for a while. But I realized that the problems came from me, not from Amazon, ”wrote Hannah, a particular“ ambassador ”of Amazon in August 2019, whose account was later deactivated.

These supporters of the company were naturally mobilized in the struggle against the employees who wanted to form a union. Some profiles have aroused the suspicions of some viewers because their activity is entirely related to the March 29 vote.

As always According to Kismodo, Created using a Twitter account registered in March 2021 and a photo owned by a Darla Photos created by Two Site Web, Capable of creating photosynthetic faces using artificial intelligence. The woman was later offered a job as an employee at an Amazon warehouse.

“Amazon is not anti-union! Trade unions are useful tools in companies that do not offer good wages and benefits like Amazon. We don’t need them, ”he promised before Darla’s account disappeared on Sunday, March 28. Nearby of New York Times, Amazon thus triggered “a fake account”, its groups reported on Twitter.

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