Formula 1. Record audience: How does F1 attract more fans?  - Formula 1

Formula 1. Record audience: How does F1 attract more fans? – Formula 1

Formula 1 has never had an audience on Canal + Channels since 2013. “It is true that we have expanded our audience, 27% more than the previous year,” acknowledges with a smile, Thomas Senegal, Associate Editor and Head of Motorsport.

To manage it, the encrypted channel – but not the first Grand Prix of the season with a peak of 2.34 million viewers, is not encrypted for the record of historical viewers – especially relying on more and more content. Diversified. “There are 2,000 ways to enjoy a race: today, we donate a lot of material with boards, reports, programs, analyzes …”, Thomas Senegal continues. Canal + has introduced its sequel podcasts to Formula 1 and its history, “Private Tests”, as described by the channel’s star (Breton) commentator Julian Pebru.

The role of social networks

Canal’s titles have a certain popularity rating on social networks that have been occupying more and more ground in Formula 1 in recent years. “We try to talk to everyone, early fans and newcomers,” Thomas Senegal repeats. But of course we need to think about the future and the young audience, so our presence on social media is essential. ”

Pre-2017 status and a position that actively opposes the transfer of ownership of the F1 World Championship. “Nothing about digital, no marketing,” said Chase Carey, one of Liberty Media’s leaders at the time. au New York Times.

Netflix – Big – Contribution

So the American company focused on storytelling, telling stories to sell its products, and highlighting the various key players on the field. The streaming platform Netflix has greatly contributed with its documentary series “Formula 1 – Drive to Survive”, which plunges the viewer into the heart of F1’s maneuvers.

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“It is true that in my entourage (children and friends) I discovered this most wonderful and addictive series during my first imprisonment, and was as close as possible to the stables, which gave me the desire to (again) show interest in F1,” confirms ilemile, one of our readers.

There are hundreds of such comments on social media. Some agree that the first racing weekend began to follow the free practice, thanks to the winning series … even on the meadows. “My 14-year-old daughter and her friends were not interested in Formula 1 before Netflix … now they know all the drivers”, Red Bull team director Christian Horner said..

On the Canal + page, the series is not seen as a form of competition: “We take a good look at it: anything that makes people talk about Formula 1 in high schools, around the coffee machine … it’s good for us, it’s going in the right direction,” Thomas Senegal said with a smile. Before starting again, “But we’re so proud of our own documentaries, we’m not waiting for Netflix for that!”. A sign that Formula 1 is unleashing emotions again.

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