Elm announces a number of technical positions for men and women at its headquarters

Elm Company (an investment-funded state-owned company) offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (software engineering, computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematics, statistics) as follows:

Data Scientist (Data Scientist)
Requirements: MSc (Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science) with at least 8 years experience in similar field.
Job Description: Translate complex business problems into technical solutions by improving his skills in big data processing, computer and machine learning.

Java Technical Consultant (Technical Consultant-Java)
Requirements: BA or MSc (Software Engineering, Computer Science) or equivalent with at least 8 years of experience in a similar field.
Job Description: Developing and delivering high performance integration solutions with reliability, security and technical design results by understanding the organizational structure.

Integrated Java Developer – Multiple Functions (Java Full Layer Developer-Multiple Opportunities)
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering) with at least two years of experience in a similar field.
Job Description: Front-end development, databases, scalable web services and maintainable software.

Benefits of working at Elm:

Competitive monthly salary.
Annual increments based on performance appraisal.
Annual bonus from profit.
Good loans.
Medical insurance for the employee and his family.
Medical insurance for the employee’s parents.
Motor vehicle insurance.
Game Club Subscriptions.
Reward for quitting smoking.
Cold and hot drinks and snacks.
A laptop computer at half value.
Discounts for employees in companies, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Support those who want to read.

Company Registered:

Elm Company is a Saudi joint venture owned by the Public Investment Fund, which provides its services to all segments of the beneficiaries, including the government sector, the corporate sector and individuals. It allows information providers and users to manipulate information through secure electronic channels.

How to apply:

The application is now available by selecting the status and attaching the application: https://bit.ly/3m14fef

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