A prophetic film written by Jax Audiard is coming to the series

A prophetic film written by Jax Audiard is coming to the series

American site Variety The film revealed that A prophet, Directed by Jax Audiard, will be adapted into the series. Awarded a jury prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, the film stars actor Tahar Rahim in the role of a 19-year-old man who is sentenced to six years in prison for forcing another prisoner to be forced by the Mafia clan Corsica (Niels Arrest) led by Caesar Luciani. When it was released, the film won the public and the press with more than 2,300,000 entries, and 9 of the 13 nominations received later were given by Caesar. For now, little information about the series is available. Season 1 will have 10 episodes that will not take place like the movie in the Paris region, but will not take place in Marseille in the south of France. The cast is not yet known, but the cast of the film is not expected to star in the series, and the story is different from the 2009 film. However, a section of the film crew is still in charge. Producer Marco Sergei and screenwriters Abdel Raouf Tafri and Nicola Beaufilid, who worked on the film 12 years ago, will be there. In an interview American site, Marco Sergei gave some information about the plot: “This series revolves around a shadow real estate affair. [qui] Worse, a building collapses and a war breaks out between two communities, the Franco-Arab and the Franco-Comorian. A prophet showed racism between Corsican and Arabs, and this series will show face to face between Arabs and Comorians. ”

For now, the name of the director is not yet known. Filming is set to begin in the second half of 2021. In an interview with our colleaguesAlocin In January 2020, screenwriter Abdel Rauf Tafri did not rule out the availability of the series on Netflix if the streaming site was interested.

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