'Big Tech Trumpification': Amazon Attacks Elizabeth Warren

‘Big Tech Trumpification’: Amazon Attacks Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) attacked the company’s “revealing” tweet after accusing Amazon of failing to pay its fair share and sending “arrogant tweets” to “illegal legislators.”

“One of America’s most powerful politicians has said he’s going to destroy an American company so they can no longer criticize him,” he said. Amazon tweeted in response Unusual The tweet in which Warren suggested splitting up Big Tech So they can’t “Control the Senators.”

The charge came from Warren, who accused the company of exploitation “Holes and tax havens where almost nothing in taxes has to be paid.”

“You create tax laws enSenWarren; we follow them. If you do not like the laws you create, change them by all means.” The Amazon senator tweeted that the company was breaking taxes and generating jobs from sales.

Warren recently proposed a tax that would increase the tax burden on the wealthy in the United States, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who could pay billions in additional taxes under the new plan.

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In their latest attack, Amazon targeted senator Bernie Sanders (i-Vermont) “Speak and act.”

“Sensanders has been a powerful politician in Vermont for 30 years. His minimum wage is still $ 75 11.75. Amazon has $ 15 and better health care since day one. Sanders prefers to talk in Alabama than he does in Vermont.” The company tweeted.

In Saturday tweets responding to the plot, Sanders praised Alabama Amazon workers for trying to organize, suggesting that this could still happen in several states.

Sanders did not respond directly to Amazon’s message about the minimum wage – although he did support the $ 15 minimum wage per hour.

Many conservatives have praised Amazon’s response to Warren on social media, although some have pointed to the company’s own history of being accused of censoring right-wing thinkers, including teachers.

Others, however, were quick to defend Warren against big business, calling Amazon’s response aggressive and an example of this. Trumpification de Big Tech.

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