Eddie McGuire blasts Australia Post boss Christine Holgate

Eddie McGuire blasts Australia Post boss Christine Holgate

Eddie Maguire launches a blister defense on Australia Post’s complex boss Christine Holgate, attacking “hacks” and “dallards” who try to drag him away.

Amid revelations signed on Cartier watches as a “reward” for senior executives, Ms Holgate has stepped down following a request by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to quit her $ 27,000 a week job.

The Collingwood Football Club president, who worked with Ms. Holgate on the club’s board, was angry and frustrated when he saw it. Unusual spray of PM at question time She hoped she would “get out” and go back to the private sector.

“Christine Holgate is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met,” Mr. McGuire told news.com.au

“Her absolute devotion to caring for people and getting a decision is second to none. Her sacrifice is incredible.”

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Mr McGuire said Ms Holgate was responsible for taxpayers’ money, more than many politicians “throwing it against a wall.”

“I saw it the last two days and I shook my head. How dumb do I think Australia is? He said.

“Are we still going into jealous politics? I mean, seriously. Why do we go and run superstars, business people and public companies, and then try and make them play like Dollards?”

“Then Dick Broad, Kerry Packer, Twicky Forrest … anyone who was good at building their own lives and their lives would have been fired.”

Mr McGuire said Ms Holgate was offering a position on a high bank board, but Collingwood refused to accept the board position because she felt it could do more good, including dealing with homelessness.

“All these parts of life get her hands dirty,” he said.

When COVID-19 won, he made significant personal donations to ensure that Collingwood Football Club’s ‘Magpie Nest’, a joint venture with the Salvation Army, continued to operate.

“She hates that I say this, but I hate being kicked around the ladies who come to these positions. She’s a complete star. Not a single one listens. Mind.

“For me, I’m going to look at it. If I knew a better business person who wanted to give back to the community, I would say: ‘I look at it.’

“It makes me stumble, this race down, fair ding, governments that waste so much money.

“I thought it was a pile. I do not know what the background is. But when someone sits looking at this, he says, ‘Aha. It’s a pulse where someone gets hit. It’s intuitive when you run things.'”

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Mr McGuire said big business should be welcomed with open arms if it decides to leave work.

“She didn’t really seem to have their money stuck in their pocket; she really did it to elevate those around her,” he said.

“I know Christine. That’s what she does. You know what? The best thing that can ever happen is that she quits working for these dollars. ”

Ms. Holgate was savage for wearing Ms. ratings The Bulgarian watch sells for up to $ 48,000.

“People look at her for wearing an expensive watch,” Mr McGuire said.

“Yes, she got an expensive watch because she earned it. She really is nothing. There should be a Christine Holgate statue to cheer people on.

“These hacks are dragging people down. If you don’t like her then why hire her? Take some government employees to tick the boxes. “

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Writing in Harold Sun., Senior business journalist Terry McGrath has accused Ms Holgate of being “hysterical about steroids”.

“I am shocked and shocked that a Prime Minister can be completely stupid and completely backsliding at the same time,” Mr McGrath said.

“Scott Morrison carried out a barbaric attack on four Post $ 3000 watches on Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate and there was a hysteria over steroids when this horrific crime was urgently investigated.

Mr McCrane said it would also tarnish the reputation of Ms. Holgate, who had been asked to step down by the Prime Minister.

“Why on earth – in fact, on any planet in the known universe – is it necessary for Holgate to” stand down “while Morrison’s humorous investigation is underway? He wrote.

“What does he think she’s going to do? Hide the watches?” Investigators? “

In Australian, Business commentator Robert Godlipsen said Ms Holgate would find that “no success in the Australian Post is punishable”.

“I believe Holcade is strong enough to stand up to the Prime Minister, but his team is filled with comrades of the Liberals,” he wrote.

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