When Ted Lasso or an American football coach: Trailer

When Ted Lasso or an American football coach: Trailer

A new comedy series from Apple TV + with Jason Soodikis.

Apple TV + has uploaded the official trailer for its upcoming comedy series Ted Lasso. We find there Jason Sudekis Accepts a role he created for American TV in 2013 as part of promotional videos for the NBC Sports Channel. In these promotional videos Ted Lasso, the somewhat silly American football coach, came across the channel, at the Tottenham Club, in the Premier League. Besides, he had no idea that American football had anything to do with football.

These highly successful videos have garnered over 10 million views on the internet, and this series is a complete adaptation of the concept, sometimes close to the valve. He will talk about coaching the American University football team in Kansas, having been appointed coach of a professional football team in the UK, although he has no experience in “real” football (sister football). The group in question is no longer Tottenham, but a “fake” British club that fears it will be laughed at by the world, while at the same time thinks its president has done a good job … Ted Lasso, Co-produced by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) Will be online on Apple TV + on August 14th.

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