Rudy Cobert Donovan did not compromise with Mitchell

Rudy Cobert Donovan did not compromise with Mitchell

Rudy Cobert, who shone as a re-attack on Jazz’s last victory, is, above all, the head of the locker room. Since then, Donovan agrees to make sure Mitchell goes straight to a certain area.

If the Jazz are still top of the league (33-11), it is obviously indebted to its extreme oil partnership. However, a few highlights stand out in this beautiful film, most notably Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Cobert. After the evening, the two position themselves as their team’s barometers.

Against Grizzly Grizzlies, they again pulled their teammates with 35 and 25 points respectively. At the end of the meeting, the French lead may have congratulated his friend on his scoring strength or his good scoring ability (12/23, 5/7 3 points). He wanted to appreciate the defensive efforts, which were especially close to his heart.

Rudy Cobert commented on Donovan Mitchell’s contribution outside of scoring: “I try to be on his side when it comes to defense, he has defended at a high level in the last 4 games. He must dominate defensively to take us to where we want to go. “

At 1.85 meters, Mitchell often has a substantial deficit over his direct rivals. Likewise, he has been frequently criticized in recent years for not engaging in security. But as Cobert rightly points out, his face on this side of the field has changed quite differently in the last 4 meetings.

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From an average of 111.2 this season, its defensive rating has dropped to 107.3 during this period. An evolution that has made Utah happy is that they have won these 4 matches after a smooth recovery following the All-Star break. So Spida will have every interest in continuing this excellent defensive movement, otherwise Copsilla will get it back.

If the Jazz really want to bid for the title, they will need Donovan Mitchell, 100% defender, according to Rudy Cobert. The French message is visible from the back.

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