In the United States, the legacy of Bertrand Tavernier

In the United States, the legacy of Bertrand Tavernier

Land of inspiration for French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, who died on Thursday, March 25. From his friend Martin Scorsese to actors and film critics, tribute is growing on social media and in magazines, which qualifies him as Bell-Mel. ” Champion of French Cinema “, From” The real link “7th Art or” The leader of an entire generation .

« United States and Bertrand Tavernier, this is an old story », Summarizes Lynn Higgins, professor of French studies at Dortmouth College and co-author of the book Interview with the Director. “ He first came to the United States in 1963 (at age 22, author’s note). He was interested and interested in American cinema and had raised money to cross the country by bus », Says his friend in this Francope.

His most popular film across the Atlantic is “Around Midnight”

Although Bertrand Tavernier’s name was not known to the general public across the Atlantic, his knowledge of American cinema was highly esteemed among critics and filmmakers of his generation. French specifically written American Friends, A book of numerous interviews and photographs with Hollywood adults, including John Ford, the director who worked with Bertrand Tavernier when he was a press officer in the 1960s.

As a director, he often starts at “midnight” and highlights American culture in his films. Set in the 1950s Paris jazz scene, the film won the Oscar for Best Actor for its lead actor, African-American saxophonist Dexter Jones, and grossed $ 10 million at the box office. This is Bertrand Tavernier’s most popular film throughout the Atlantic.

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Overall, Lynn Higgins is a ” Half a dozen works related to America Film in his cinematography. Among them are two adaptations of American works, In Electric Hayes (2009) and Coupe de Dorchen (1981). He quotes the highly secretive “Mississippi Blues,” a 1983 documentary in which Bertrand Tavernier crosses this black state south. Searching for the roots of the blues in church foundations, small rooms and soup kitchens where people sing . « He wanted to highlight marginalized cultures in the United States, such as musicians and writers of black novels. », Continues the professor.

An American version of his film “Electric Bundle”

This does not prevent the director from posting his differences. Prior to the release of “In Electric Mist” in 2009, he was involved in a lengthy conflict with an American production team. The producer felt that Bertrand Tavernier’s vision did not apply to the American people because it did not exist. “ Speed “. The Frenchman has done his own editing for French theaters, another version has been released in the United States, only on DVD. The American version still rises to fourth place in movie sales.

At the time, its producer put forward several hypotheses in an interview – much to the surprise of the French – to explain why no American distributor wanted to show it in theaters: ” Perhaps because they did not know the director, they could not indicate that anything in his life had made him the success of a film of this size! .

« Bertrand Tavernier had a love-hate relationship with the United States, Lynn Higgins. He said he praised many of his artists while rejecting the country’s many values .

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