Hidden camera captures extraordinary moment in Russia: A female Amur leopard with her teens |  Community

Hidden camera captures extraordinary moment in Russia: A female Amur leopard with her teens | Community

A female Amur leopard and her young, The Rare large cat species in the world, Passing in front of a hidden camera in Russia, left an unusual family portrait of this dangerous animal.

They are four Amur leopards, Named after the river that flows between Russia and China, filmed in a national park Far East The pictures were released in Russian on Friday.

You can see the dotted cats standing on the cliff so they can’t see a forest.

The mother, on the hunt, may have seen another animal, leaving the frame. Then her three cubs look at her silently for more than a minute.

According to Ivan Rakov, A spokeswoman for the “Land of Leopards” park, was created in 2012 and is located in the Russian region of Primorye.

“We found out he was able to raise a family.”
Named “Leo 117F”, the mother is “the first litter” and is estimated to be about four years old, Rakov told AFP.

According to Rako, growing such large debris in the taiga is not an easy task and requires “plenty of space and food.”

Known for its climbing skills, the Amur leopard is considered one of the rarest big cats in the world Are in grave danger, According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Return from “dead”

In recent years, measures taken by Russian and Chinese authorities against deforestation and poaching have led to a significant increase in their numbers. Its population is currently estimated at more than 100 people in Russia, which was about 20 to 20 years ago.

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According to Ivan Rakov, the Leopard of Amun, “returned from the dead.”

β€œIt was a huge success,” he says. Alexei Costeria, Responsible for the rare species of the Russian branch of the Global Fund for Nature (WWF) in the Amur region.

As for Costa Rica, the creation of protected areas and joint efforts with China have saved the species from poaching, which has now “disappeared” in practice.

For a long time, these leopards were the subject of intense hunting because Chinese medicine attributed their therapeutic properties to them.

“At least 80% of its habitat is now under surveillance”
Costa Rica notes that the population of deer, the cat’s favorite food, has increased in this vast area, which is home to lynx and tigers.

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